women's pre-war : k5447
product code : k5447 : £ 75
  • 1930's pale green plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original green mineral glass sun lenses



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  • Incredible deco shape in a stunning green early plastic.

    Like Bakelite and lucite it is quite a dense material, so

    the edges and angles are crisp and defined and the colour

    is divine, a lightly marbled, even pearlised 'Eau de Nil'

    which literally means Water of the Nile. This was the

    legacy of Egyptomania and was THE colour of the 1930's

    as it also embraces that decade's love of the Orient,

    and the colour jade. We have never had or seen anything

    similar and it is so stylish one thinks of wearers like Wallis

    Simpson and places like Biarritz. It is a high quality frame

    too, with optical grade hinges and the inside sculpted at

    the bridge so it may have been made in Europe. The glass

    lenses are the flat type, most commonly seen pre-war and

    as is typical, one lens slightly darker than the other (see

    above), but not so that you would notice when being worn.

    The uv protection is good, and the tint a green which

    compliments that gorgeous pastel colour frame, in a unique

    Art Deco shape. You could wear them in the sun in Hungary

    with your green bathing suit or on a yacht with Hercules

    Poirot, but be careful not to let them slip off into the Nile -

    or the limpid waters of your local lagoon.

                                                                      — klasik