women's : pre-war : k5461
product code : k5461 : £ 95
  • 1930's translucent shaded straw-yellow and olive-brown
    plastic frame marked OPTIKS and MADE IN USA

  • Original grey/green mineral glass sun lenses



lens spec

other info
  • There is a patent number on this frame which dates to 1938,

    which looks about right, considering the shape of this frame by

    Optiks of New York. Here is an ad of theirs from 1941 and the

    pair on the woman who is part of a couple is similar to this with

    the wide sides; however we also have seen an ad from 1939 with

    glamorous movie star couple Allan Jones and Irene Hervey in

    swimming costumes in an 'exclusive photo wearing Optiks in

    Hollywood' - and they look to be this same design. So a unisex

    style. Unfortunately, the patent details on file are very thin so

    we don't know what element of this frame was being applied for,

    but possibly the double hinge attaching the innovative moulded

    plastic sections that Lapin specialised in with their "super-stylish"

    designs. Other details in this two-colour frame - like co-respondent

    shoes - are a subtle, raised dotted decoration around the eyepieces

    and on the arms and that fantastic keyhole bridge. Optiks also

    prided themselves on their high quality ground and polished glass

    sun lenses - a huge plus in 1930's sunglasses. The flat glass looks

    fine too, in a cooling grey/green tint. They are rare to find after 80

    years, not just because they are quite a delicate construction but

    also a few years after they were modelled and sold by movie star

    couples, the US was involved in WW2 and many fashion sunglass

    makers and indeed the film and fashion industries were diverted by

    the war effort.

                                                                      — klasik