On the following pages we list some of the feedback we have had from customers
who felt compelled to write after they had received their sunglasses or frames.
Aren't they sweet? (The photos are of the pairs they bought.)

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After only four (yes FOUR) business days in transit my fab Baloramas have so speedily arrived...
will send you a pic as they were most certainly meant to grace this old face of mine... I am
beyond delighted! Peter
(Sarasota, USA, May, 2015)

1960's Ray-Ban Balorama by BAUSCH & LOMB. New replacement G15 glass lenses
vintage sunglasses : 1960's Ray-Ban Balorama by BAUSCH & LOMB
I've just received the pair today. They're so cool, and make me feel like a movie star. I'm sure
to send my photo in several days. Thank you ! Kazunari
(Tokyo, Japan, July, 2014)

Hi folks! Absolutely fantastic frames and delivered so fast! Can't thank you enough! Great work.. . .
honestly. Keep it up! Kindest of regards. John.
(West Calder, Scotland, May, 2013)

1960's/70's Trophy by BIRCH (ENGLAND)
vintage sunglasses : 1960's/70's Trophy by Birch (ENGLAND)
Thank you so much, I am incredibly pleased with the glasses, received today in all their glory and
I love them! Glasses are really important to me as I am sure you understand that if I have to wear
them all the time then they need to represent a certain 'something', if that makes any sense at
all!!! So, again thank you so much!! Kindest regards, Suzie
(Oxford, England, November, 2102)

1950's Sirmont by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Fitted with customer's pwn prescription (Rx) lenses
Just received my sunglasses - very pleased with the quality and the price. Many thanks and happy
holidays. Timothy
(West Virginia, USA, December, 2011)

1970's Ray-Ban Shooter by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L Double Gradient Mirror glass lenses
Just wanted to tell you that the Ray Bans have arrived. I'm simply amazed, they are awesome and
in mint condition and just perfect for me. So thank you and congratulations for your shop and your work.
Greetings, Ivan
(Hercèg-Novi , Montenegro, October, 2011)

1980's Ray-Ban Cats 5000 by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L G15 glass lenses.
vintage sunglasses : WWII RAF issue MkVIII by BAO (ENGLAND)
Just a quick note to let you know, that I have received the two pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses. Everything
is perfect. Many thanks. We are in touch. Best regards, Antonio.
(Málaga, Spain, September,

1960's Ray-Ban Chalet by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L G15 glass lenses.
I have found my old order, it was lost in the post office of my little town, the glasses is very nice i will
send you my photo in a few times thank's. Michele
(Sermide, Italy, June, 2011)

WWII RAF issue MkVIII by BAO (ENGLAND). Original glass lenses.
vintage sunglasses : WWII RAF issue MkVIII by BAO (ENGLAND)
Took delivery on the sunglasses today, they all feel like they were made just for me, they don't make
'em like they used to! Jonathan.
(London, June, 2011)

Clockwise from top left: 1960's marked ITALY ; 1980's Goggles by Oliver Goldsmith ; 1960's
Sunmodes by SRO (USA) ; 1970's by St. Larel (FRANCE).
I picked them up from the Post Office on Saturday and they are absolutely fantastic - I just wish the
sun was shining! Many thanks indeed. As ever, Robert
(Edinburgh, Scotland, May, 2011)

1960's #938 by FILOS (ITALY). Fitted for client with prescription (Rx) sunglasses lenses.
vintage sunglasses : 1960's #938 by FILOS (ITALY)
Thanks so so much! i recieved the persols today and they were just fantastic!!! please keep your eye
out for another persol model 200 all in black. Thanks and I will post a picture with them on me to you on
your site! thanks again! Hooman.
(San Antonio, USA, May, 2011)

1990's Persol 200 (ITALY). Original Persol glass lenses
vintage sunglasses : 1990's Persol 200 ITALY
I received my glasses today .They are so beautiful...thanks so much, Sonia. (Winnipeg, Canada,
April, 2011)

1970's Ray-Ban I-Shape Oval by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA). Original acrylic lenses.
vintage sunglasses : 1970's Ray-Ban I-Shape Oval by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA)
Hello - I got the Ray Ban Blazer. It's incredible! Very nice condition. Thank you, Emerson.
(Sao Paulo, Brazil, March, 2011)

1970's/80's Ray-Ban Blazer by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L Ambermatic Mirror glass lenses
vintage sunglasses : 1970's/80's Ray-Ban Blazer by BAUSCH & LOMB
SUPERB SUNGLASSES!! This mail is only to let you know that I'm very satisfied with my Vuarnet
sunglasses (order n. k5974; cool, nice and quality pair) and with your service and professionalism.
Thanks and best regards. Cristo
(Madrid, February, 2011)

1980's by VUARNET (FRANCE). Original Vuarnet mineral glass lenses.
vintage sunglasses : 1980's by VUARNET (FRANCE)
HI...I am very happy to have gotten it ... thank you for all the good things brought KLASIK...Thanks
...Quoc Dat
(Ha Noi, Viet Nam, January, 2011)

1950's/60's US Military issue aviators by AMERICAN OPTICAL, marked 1/10 12KGF. Original AO glass lenses.
vintage sunglasses : 1950's/60's US Military issue aviators by AMERICAN OPTICAL
(Las Vegas, March, 2010)

1950's Seneca by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA).
vintage sunglasses : 1950's Seneca by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA)
The registered package that we picked up at the post office earlier contained glasses, in good condition,
that look exactly like the pictures below. And my wife is eminently pleased! Thank you for your help and
exemplary customer service. Carl
(Annapolis, MD, January, 2010)

1980s by TED LAPIDUS (FRANCE). Original gradient acrylic lenses.
vintage sunglasses : 1980s by TED LAPIDUS (FRANCE).

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