On the following pages we list some of the feedback we have had from customers
who felt compelled to write after they had received their sunglasses or frames.
Aren't they sweet? (The photos are of the pairs they bought.)

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Just received my new glasses this morning. They are fabulous - and thanks for the information. I couldn't remember
all the details you told me on the day we called in. Nice to have some 'history'. Really happy with my new glasses,
and will cherish them for some time to come...Regards, Rose
(Lancashire, UK, July, 2021)

1950's hand-made frame, unmarked
1990's CAZAL 872 (GERMANY)
Frame (TEVIOT) is arrived.... very wonderful frame, I'm very satisfied and happy for it!
Many thanks again and my best and kind regards, Riccardo.
(Chioggia, Italy, November, 2020)

1970's Teviot 74 by UK BAUSCH & LOMB (UK)
vintage eyewear : 1950's Bal-Rim B51 by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA)
Hi there! Yes, they're great! Thanks for following up! I love them. Lizzie
(Toronto, Canada, January, 2018)

1990's CAZAL 872 (GERMANY)
1990's CAZAL 872 (GERMANY)
Just to let you know that I received the glasses in the post safely. They do look good and I am
very pleased. Thanks a lot, Stephen
(Paris, France, November, 2017)

1950's Balrim B51 by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA). Fitted with kustomer's own lenses.
vintage eyewear : 1950's Bal-Rim B51 by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA)
Thank you so much for my two pairs of glasses I purchased from you. They fit well and are very different
from most others - which I love. I wish you a lovely Christmas and I'm sure I'll be back to Spitalfields to
purchase more. With good wishes, Lynda
(Hemel Hempstead, England, November, 2016)

1980's CAZAL 869 (W GERMANY)
1980's CAZAL 869 (W GERMANY)
The glasses arrived safe and sound. They look and fit great - thank you! David
(Dunedin, New Zealand, November, 2016)

1970's Ricardo MADE IN W GERMANY. Gold fill frame.
vintage eyewear : 1970's Ricardo MADE IN W GERMANY
Frames are arrived they are amazing! Thank you hope to deal with you again.
All the best, Alessio
(Mariano Comense, Italy October, 2016)

1970's Teviot 74 by UKBL (UK)
1970's Teviot 74 by UKBL (UK)
My glasses just arrived. They are great. Thank you for the nice case and lovely note.
Perfect attention to detail indeed. Cheers, Katharina
(Berlin, June, 2015)

1980's Turatech by TURA (USA/ITALY). Original gradient acrylic lenses.
vintage sunglasses : 1980's Turatech by TURA (USA/ITALY)
Just to let you know that the specs arrives safe and sound first thing this morning. What a superb
pair of sunglasses!! Best I've ever had. Many thanks, Adrian
(London, March, 2015)

1930's sunglasses, unmarked (UK). New replacement grey mineral glass sunglasses lenses
1930's sunglasses, unmarked (UK)
After only four (yes FOUR) business days in transit my fab Baloramas have so speedily arrived...
will send you a pic as they were most certainly meant to grace this old face of mine... I am
beyond delighted! Peter
(Sarasota, USA, May, 2015)

1960's Ray-Ban Balorama by BAUSCH & LOMB. New replacement G15 glass lenses
vintage sunglasses : 1960's Ray-Ban Balorama by BAUSCH & LOMB
I've just received the pair today. They're so cool, and make me feel like a movie star. I'm sure
to send my photo in several days. Thank you ! Kazunari
(Tokyo, Japan, July, 2014)

Hi folks! Absolutely fantastic frames and delivered so fast! Can't thank you enough! Great work.. . .
honestly. Keep it up! Kindest of regards. John.
(West Calder, Scotland, May, 2013)

1960's/70's Trophy by BIRCH (ENGLAND)
vintage sunglasses : 1960's/70's Trophy by Birch (ENGLAND)
Thank you so much, I am incredibly pleased with the glasses, received today in all their glory and
I love them! Glasses are really important to me as I am sure you understand that if I have to wear
them all the time then they need to represent a certain 'something', if that makes any sense at
all!!! So, again thank you so much!! Kindest regards, Suzie
(Oxford, England, November, 2012)

1950's Sirmont by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Fitted with customer's pwn prescription (Rx) lenses
Just received my sunglasses - very pleased with the quality and the price. Many thanks and happy
holidays. Timothy
(West Virginia, USA, December, 2011)

1970's Ray-Ban Shooter by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L Double Gradient Mirror glass lenses
Just wanted to tell you that the Ray Bans have arrived. I'm simply amazed, they are awesome and
in mint condition and just perfect for me. So thank you and congratulations for your shop and your work.
Greetings, Ivan
(Hercèg-Novi , Montenegro, October, 2011)

1980's Ray-Ban Cats 5000 by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L G15 glass lenses.
vintage sunglasses : WWII RAF issue MkVIII by BAO (ENGLAND)
Just a quick note to let you know, that I have received the two pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses. Everything
is perfect. Many thanks. We are in touch. Best regards, Antonio.
(Málaga, Spain, September,

1960's Ray-Ban Chalet by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L G15 glass lenses.
I have found my old order, it was lost in the post office of my little town, the glasses is very nice i will
send you my photo in a few times thank's. Michele
(Sermide, Italy, June, 2011)

WWII RAF issue MkVIII by BAO (ENGLAND). Original glass lenses.
vintage sunglasses : WWII RAF issue MkVIII by BAO (ENGLAND)
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