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By sending us their photo in their frames,
they qualified for a 10% discount on their next pair.

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Brooke from NYC bought a few pairs when she visited our stall at Spitalfields - this late 70's pair the pick of the bunch:
a brushed aluminium frame with the original gradient mid-brown sun lenses, was made by Actuell (Germany).
Gjalt recently wrote to us from his home in Maastricht, The Netherlands, about a pair he bought from us at Spitalfields
4 years ago, a leather covered gold-fill frame from Savile Row (England): "You strongly advised me to purchase this
exceptionally rare leather-finished pair, and I must say I am ever so happy I did. As you can see on this photo, taken in
Givet, France, it really is a beauty! People around keep giving me lots of compliments about this pair, so I would like to
pass this appreciation to you, thanks to your excellent advice. By the way: the car is a 1937 CitroŽn Traction Avant
Limousine, fully operational, and perfectly matching my specs."
(May, 2020)
Eleonora from Italy bought this cool 70's brushed white gold frame from our stall and tagged us in to this fab photo.
Grazie, Eleonora! .
Silvia was visiting from Waldshut (near the Swiss border, Germany) and couldn't resist this large, round
blonde frame by Anglo American (UK) from the 1980s. We had her lenses fitted and shipped them off and
since then she's been sending us selfies. Looking great, Silvia.
Willem from Voorthuizen (Netherlands) bought this 1980s Cordoba by Carrera last year. He just sent us
his photo with this message: "I've been wearing the sunglasses all summer, and I absolutely love 'em! Thanks
again and greetings from The Netherlands!"
Thank you for a great photo, Willem - loving the vintage VW vans.
Jeff hails from the States but has made Sunderland his home. And why not, check out their beaches. He
recently visited us in London and made this 1960's/70's UK Optical frame his own. So impressed with our
service, he immediately ordered another frame for his brother in NYC. Thanks, Jeff! (April, 2019)
Regular kustomer Roger must have had to search for this iconic background prop to take this photo for us
- or maybe there's an app these days to find the fast disappearing phone boxes. Regardless, it's the 1980's
frame that's grabbing the attention here. Cheers, Roger. (October, 2018)
Jordi was visiting from Barcelona when he found these classic shaped 1960's sunglasses. We needed to
do some bespoke adjustments to them and them shipped them off to him in Spain. Jordi was so happy with
his new sunglasses, he took them just north to sunny Badalona and took this photo for us. Thanks again, Jordi!
Julie and John were down from Yorkshire visiting their son, (Ben, on the left) and each found a pair they
couldn't resist. Julie's are 1960's by BAO, the British arm of American Optical and John went for a similar
era NHS frame made by UK Optical. (September, 2018)
Dominique from Irchenrieth, Germany visited us a couple of years ago when she bought the pair she's
modelling on our home page. This time she opted for a 1960's upswept diamanté frame Made in France.
Hope to see you again soon! (August, 2018)
Romy from Irchenrieth, Germany visited us in Old Spitalfields Market and decided this 1980's pair by
German frame makers, Marwitz, was just for her - and we agreed. Looks great, Romy - and thanks for
the photos!
Stephen visited us in Old Spitalfields Market, found this 1960's frame Made in England and had us
fit his lenses and post to him in Paris, France from where he swiftly sent us his Happy Kustomer photo.
Thanks again, Stephen.
Bingyuan has been living in London, visiting from China. Luckily for her, she found us at Old Spitalfields
Antique and Flea Market on Thursdays, and also found this 1980's frame, Made in England. We had
Bingyuan's lenses fitted and in return she kindly sent us her photo. Thanks, Bingyuan! (May, 2018)
Cecily from Margate is a previous customer at our stall at Old Spitalfields Market and of course came
back to us for her new glasses. And sent us this selfie: this time, 1960's by Helmecke, Germany.
Thanks, Cecily!
Stuey is a professional photographer - and it shows! He just sent us this fab photo from Farnham, England
after receiving his new glasses, 1950's/60's Made in England. "Fabulous! Love them. Thanks", he says.
Thank you, Stuey - come and see us again. (Sept, 2017)
Valerie from Baden, Switzerland searched Europe for her first pair of glasses and found her perfect pair at
our stall at the Spitalfields Style Market on Saturdays. "Happy me, I just received the beautiful glasses!!!
thank you very much, I definitely would recommend you! Greetings, Valerie"
Thank you, Valerie!
1960's Made in England
Sally from Michigan, USA visited us at our stall over this last weekend, bought a 2nd pair and promptly sent us
this great photo of her in her last pair in her home town of Big Rapids. Of course, Sally qualified for 10% off the
frame price for allowing us to put her photo on these pages - nice to see you again, Sally! The glasses are
1960's, Made in England. (April, 2017)
Here's Dameion from New York City again, this time in the ultra rare 1980's Cazal 634 that he bought last year.
Dameion was so happy to receive the 163s (see below) that he also sent us these photos of his previous purchase.
Thanks, Dameion!
Dameion from New York City had to wait an angonisingly long time to receive his 1980's Cazal 163 frame as they went
missing for 7 weeks in the postal system. We don't know who to blame, Royal Mail or USPS, but at least the did arrive:
for a while there we thought they were lost. Dameion promptly cut and fitted his own lenses from what looks to be original
Cazal blanks.
Jacqui from Liverpool bought this translucent grey 1960's frame by American Optical last year on a visit to
London and we happily had her lenses fitted. Jacqui promptly sent us this glam photo and we promptly lost it.
Sorry Jacqui! Thanks again and see you soon. (photo taken March 2016)

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