Check out our cool web customers!
By sending us their photo in their sunglasses
they qualified for a 10% discount on their next pair.

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Hannah from London found this fab frame on our stall and had us fit it with her choice of lenses. Hannah then sent us these
kind words with this photo: "I'm still going strong with my frames and thought I'd share a picture! We've had such incredible times
around the world together.Thanks so much for the best pair of glasses I've ever had!"

The glasses are 1970's by American Optical.
1970s American Optical
Claire from Leeds visited our stall on a Saturday when we're next door at the Spitalfields Saturday Style Market and pounced
on this late 50's/early 60's frame Made in England. After we'd fitted her lenses she sent us this fab glam photo - thanks,
Claire! (Oct. 2015)
Angela from Edinburgh used to visit us all the time when she lived down south, but since she's moved back to Scotland we
only occasionally see her. But she kindly sent us a photo of her favourite pair she bought from us a while ago into which we
fitted her lenses. From memory they are French and look to be from the mid-1960's. See you soon, Angela!
1970s Safilo Italy
Berry from The Netherlands had been looking for a pair like this for ages until he passed our stall at Old Spitalfields Market and
found this 1960's frame by Algha into which he asked us to fit his lenses. And when they landed on the continent, Berry emailed
us this great photo.
Anita from San Diego was a regular at our stall at Old Spitalfields Market until she went back to live in her home state of California -
but she kindly sent us these super snaps of her latest purchases - this pair an early 1970's shape from Italian company, Safilo.
Thanks, Anita! (June, 2015)
1970s Safilo Italy
John from Connecticut, USA bought our 1970's Ray-Ban Vagabond, Olympics Edition, to replace a
pair he bought back in 1976. He very kindly sent us this photo of him wearing them back in the day. This
one he eventually sold to - wait for it - King Khalid of Saudi Arabia for $500, " offer I could not refuse..."
He was happy to find an identical pair on our website adding, "...I'm holding on to these!"
1950s Imperial USA
Stephen from Northhants also visited our stall at Old Spitalfields Market and found this 1980's frame by
Anglo American into which he asked us to fit his lenses. And Stephen very kindly sent us his photo in front
of his1960's S2. I bet you're jealous! But don't worry, we might find another frame like this again, just keep
checking the web site. Nice Bentley, too. Thanks, Stephen!
Tony from London asked us to bring this 1950's pair from the website (by Imperial, USA, original grey
glass lenses) down to our Sunday stall to try on. As you can see, it suited him fine, he bought it
immediately and posed for a photo. Cheers, Tony. (May, 2014)
1950s Imperial USA
Regular customer Amy from Cambridgeshire (see earlier photo on these pages) this time went for a
Nylon Supra cat-eye from Michael Birch. Perhaps Amy was tempted by Birch's name for this pair,
Mischief, one of his most popular designs. Said Amy, "I love my new glasses!"
Company Director Nicola from London needed some reading glasses with gravitas to reflect her position
in industry and went for this classy 1960's aluminium half-eye from US company, Liberty. Says Nicola,
"Here's a pic with me wearing the bronze half moons which i just love. They are really comfy as well."
Glad you like them, Nicola.
1930's leather sideshields
Steve from Pembrokeshire, Wales is a collector of old Ray-Bans and bought these Outdoorsmans from us
recently. Said Steve, "The Sunglasses were superb, thank you. I've included a pic for the 'Happy Wall' as the
10% discount will be handy for a pair of Bans I've got my my eye on - sorry that was an unintended pun...."

And he did just that, buying a 60's Ray-Ban the very next day. Enjoy, Steve.
1960s Ray-Ban Plainsman by BAUSCH & LOMB
Here is Johnny from Göteburg, Sweden again - see below - in his 3rd pair from us, the 1960's classic by
Helmecke with the Zeiss Umbral lenses. Thanks for another great photo, Johnny.
1930's leather sideshields
John from Hertfordshire, England got this early 70's combination frame and lenses from our stall at Old
Spitalfields Market xmas twenty-ten - and then came back two years later for another pair - but not before he'd
taken his first pair on holiday to the continent. Great to see you again, John. And thanks for the photo.
1960s Ray-Ban Plainsman by BAUSCH & LOMB
Kiki from Sweden bought these YSL frames from our stall at Old Spitalfields Market a few years ago, but we'll let
her tell you: "Hi Klasik, I've meant to send you a photo of my glasses I bought from you in 2007!! But I just haven't
gotten around to it. Since I bought another pair, in 2009 I think but I don't use them DAILY as I do these. I'm a
BEYOND happy customer!"
Great to hear from you, Kiki! (Jan. 2013)
1930's leather sideshields
Timothy from Vancouver, Canada has been a regular customer over the years - and here he is in the Greek Isles
in the first pair he bought from us, the 1960's Ray-Ban Plainsman, here in Amber with the original BAUSCH &
LOMB green glass lenses. He has bought a few since, but this remains his favourite. We can see why, Tim -
they look great!
1960s Ray-Ban Plainsman by BAUSCH & LOMB
Andrew from Weybridge, UK bought a classic 1960's Rodenstock Mentone and asked for it to be fitted with
some prescription sun lenses. Great choice, Andrew, who has kindly sent us his photo relaxing on his lawn -
and for all our American friends, yes, we all live like this!
1930's leather sideshields
Johnny from Göteburg, Sweden loves his American Optical Everglades so much, he's asked us to tell him
when we get another in as he wants a spare. We know what you mean, Johnny - once you have tried the 60's
classics, you just want more! Don't worry, we'll let you know.
1930's leather sideshields
Here is Alan from Sunderland, UK by the River Wear next to Durham Cathedral. We realise it is a picturesque
scene but we also understand that you can't take your eyes off his 1940's/50's Windsor frame by Algha that we
fitted with our Klasik Brown mineral glass lenses. Nice Tootal scarf too, Alan!
1930's leather sideshields
Here is Martin from Leigh-on-Sea again - (see below). He was so impressed with his web site purchase, he took
a trip to London a few Sundays ago to visit our stall. Of course he was spoilt for choice, but pounced on these
crystal NHS frames from the 60's. Then he took them snowboarding in Norway! Too cool for words, Martin!
James from London is a tall guy and need a large frame - he found a perfect fit in this late 60's/early 70's pair
from Spanish makers, Barbudo. We happily fitted James' lenses and he kindly sent us his photo. Good choice,

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