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Frances from Puerto Rico went for these wild French 70's Goggles Honey coloured plastic frame with frosted
finish. Original graduated mid-brown acrylic lenses. (April, 2003)
Andrea from New York City bought these fabulous Paloma Picassos. Red/black animal print optyl frame
w/gold logo on arms & des. no: 3700 30. Original gradient acrylic lenses.
Kevin from Ipswich, UK in his 1930's WWII services issue sunglasses. Silver metal frame w/brown leather
side pieces and cable arms. Original dark grey glass lenses.
Jacinto from LA bought a classic 70's sports/ski style by Polaroid. Orange plastic frame w/grooved go-faster
black stripe. Mod. no: 8680. Mid-brown Polaroid lenses. (Nov, 2002)

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