Check out our cool web customers!
By sending us their photo in their sunglasses
they qualified for a 10% discount on their next pair.

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Luis from Coimbra, Portugal looks to have taken a risk getting us this action shot. Nice one, Luis - but don't try
this at home, kids. Luis is wearing a great large format 1980's pair by Paco Rabanne, made in France.
vertex keytex uk
Julian from Paris wears his glasses to work - at the famous Social Club in the French capital where he regularly dj's.
1930's-40's hand-made frame. Quality is timeless, non? Merci, Julian!
1930's-40's hand-made frame
Tommy from Victoria (BC) Canada saw this 60's classic on our web site and had to have it and then kindly
sent us his photo: "Finally got around to a pic of me in my Vertex frames from klasik, constant comment -
thanks a million!"
Likewise Tommy - thanks for the photo. 1960's Keytex by Vertex (England).
vertex keytex uk
Dameion from Brooklyn, NY collects rare Cazals and by buying this 607/2 in dark amber, completed this set.
He's now a big fan: "I intend on buying many more frames!! I visit your website everyday!" Thanks, Dameion -
it was a pleasure, see you again soon, we hope. (Jan. 2011)
cazal 607/2
Tim from Bournemouth, England has bought sunglasses from us in the past but this time decided to visit us
at our Sunday stall at Old Spitalfields Market in London's East End to buy some glasses. He found this great
70's frame, black plastic front and gold aluminium temples by Framex (UK) and we gladly had his lenses fitted.
He then sent us this digital collage of him wearing them...thanks, Tim!
framex uk
Gill and Bob from Staffordshire (UK) bought themselves each a pair to take on holiday: "Having risked looming
ash clouds, we actually made it (along with our lovely vintage eyewear) to sunny Barcelona. Here's a couple of
photos of us enjoying cocktails in the famous Boadas bar, on Las Ramblas. With the specs, we really felt the part.
Thanks for a great service; lovely specs, we'll definitely be back for more."
Gill: 1960's by L'Amy (France) with a
dark grey tint; Bob: American 1950's white gold fill combination by Shuron.
la amy and shuron
Albrecht from Celle, Germany loves these old NHS half-eyes that he can't find in Germany. So he's bought a
few pairs from us over the years and loves them so much, he had his portrait done in them.
nhs halfeye
"Many thanks for the B&L Aviators, they really are top notch. You had the lenses marked as an 8, if they're an 8
I'd love to see a 10; there's not a mark on them! I attach a poseurish pic for your web customers feedback page,
sadly the weather's crap up here at the moment so instead of beautiful(!) North Shields (UK) you'll have to settle
for my towel rail. Best wishes, Jim".
Thanks, Jim!
bandl large metal
Mika from Helsinki, Finland, has bought a few pairs from us in the past - even coming to see us here in London.
He sent us this photo: "Attached you'll find a picture of me wearing a pair of 80's Cébés i bought from you. Un-
fortunately the boat isn't mine, though. :)"
. In case you can't really make out the Cébés, here is a better look.
A regular customer, Silvia from London, first bought this 1960's nylon supra frame from the web site and we had
her prescription lenses fitted. Adorable, Silvia! Then she stopped by our Sunday stall and found this 1950's
American aluminium and white gold fill combination frame
. Just as adorable!
1960's supra
Musician Arnie from Southampton, UK has been a regular customer of Klasik's over the years and recently
decided to send us a photo. "Here is a photo of my Aviators hiding bloodshot eyes. Also my lovely racing green
mandolin case made by Sam Gifford of Pegasus cases: The case has turned far more heads than the beautiful
mandolin it contains!"
And now I bet those vintage B&L Ray-Ban Aviators are also turning heads, Arnie, despite
the bloodshot eyes.
B&L Ray-Ban Aviator
Mark from Bend, OR, USA, needed some good quality sunglasses to have fitted with his prescription and we
were able to find exactly what he was looking for. "I love the glasses, they are a great fit and quite the conver-
sation piece. JFK is one of my heroes and these are the glasses of his choice. I'm proud to wear them. They
are in incredible condition and my local optometrist had a ball fitting them with my prescription lenses. Thanks
. We're here to help, Mark! 1960's by American Optical.
american optical saratoga
Paul from Le Mans, France, went for Senator by Rodenstock (Germany) and they suited just fine. "Just got my
lenses fitted and have test drove my new old glasses today. they are simply marvellous, just the right amount of
kitsch, very rock n roll... comfortable, and a real head turner... not got a photo featuring the lovely city of le Mans
yet, but will take one asap for you... here's one of me in my studio anyway.... looking forward to my next pair! best,
. Cheers, Paul - glad you like them.
rodenstock senator
Donna from Lynn, MA, USA, bought this great frame for her son - who wanted them fitted with dark green plastic
lenses. We duly obliged and here he is. "These glasses really are one of a kind. I love them thanks a lot.". Thanks
for letting us know! Never worn 1960's Keytex by Vertex, UK, fitted with new CR39 acrylic lenses with a dark green
David bought a rare 1940's aviator by American Optical with the cool Calobar lenses while his wife, Rachelle opted
for something similar, a mid-century model from Algha with darker lenses. They sent us their photos from a sunny
evening in Gowerton, Wales.
Amy from Leamington Spa, UK, took the plunge and bought this fabulous 1960's French frame and had us fit her
lenses - before even trying them on. But you knew what you were doing, Amy, 'cause they fit perfectly and look
great! "Thanks so much for the glasses, here is a picture of me wearing them - sorry for the wait, I had to get a new
haircut to show them off in all their glory. And thanks so much for providing an alternative to boring square high-
street frames! all the best, Amy"
Rachel from Tennessee, USA bought one of our best 1960's pairs, Oliver Goldsmith's Goo Goo."My sunglasses
have arrived and I love them!!!!!! ....I absolutely adore the 1960's. My entire wardrobe is either vintage or items that
have been very carefully reproduced....I am very picky about the quality of the items I add and well made stylish
vintage eye wear can be very hard to find. My "new" sunglasses and your website/business are truly fantastic.
Thank you so much....btw I will definitely be buying from you again."
And we look forward to your return, Rachel!
Richard from Prague, Czech Republic, is a regular customer and especially likes the 1980's Ray-Ban Wayfarer II
that he's had from us in both the tortoise and black (shown here). But he wanted to get a pair for his girlfriend so he
bought for her one of our high end designer pairs - and to appease the bank manager, Richard sent us his photo to
earn the 10% discount. Way to go, Richard!
Helen from Lac Brome, Canada buys not just for herself, but for her theatre job as costumer. "Here are a couple of
photos of the last pair I purchased. They were for a production of Noel Coward's "Star Quality" at Theatre Lac Brome
in Knowlton, Quebec. Photos are not great but mildly amusing. You could crop them to get a closer look at the
glasses, but then you might loose doggy. Actors: Mary Harvey, Alison Darcy & Juanita! Cheers,"
Francois from Ottawa, Canada, went for these hard to find 1980's Ray-Ban Vagabond with the Ambermatic lenses,
seen here just starting to react from amber to brown. "I received the sunglasses and both pairs look great, thanks for
your great service. will always be the first place I look when I want to buy another pair, which may not be
that far off, I'm scared to say!"
Bruce from London found a rare pre-war pair on our site, complete with leather side shields - and added it to his
French officer's ensemble at a WWII reenactment at Dover Castle. Of course, we reckon Bruce was the best dressed
on the day, resplendent in original sunglasses - but he was equalled by his companion also in sunglasses
- this pair again perfect for the period, a mock tortoise deco pair from the 1930's. Trust the French to get the girl!

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