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Mary from Fresno, California, adores designer Ted Lapidus sunglasses - this 1980's pair has the model
number TL 17 01 and carries the gold logo on the arms. Original graduated acrylic lenses. (June, 2003)
1960's supra
Alice from Kent loves her 80's B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer in the rare 46mm lens kids size. Like her Dad's (Capt.
Sam, see below) they're a tort plastic frame with the original B&L G15 glass lenses. (May, 2003)
B&L Ray-Ban Aviator
Anny from Maine, north-east USA in her unique aluminium framed Gail Spence Design sunglasses, marked
'No. Four 6800' & 'OPTIC STUDIO DENMARK'. Original graduated pale-grey acrylic lenses.
american optical saratoga
Capt. Sam spends a lot of time at sea and needed top-class eye protection plus good coverage - what better
than these large 80's B&L Ray-Ban Drifter in tortoiseshell with the G15 lenses.
rodenstock senator
Frances from Puerto Rico went for these wild French 70's Goggles Honey coloured plastic frame with frosted
finish. Original graduated mid-brown acrylic lenses. (April, 2003)
Andrea from New York City bought these fabulous Paloma Picassos. Red/black animal print optyl frame
w/gold logo on arms & des. no: 3700 30. Original gradient acrylic lenses.
Kevin from Ipswich, UK in his 1930's WWII services issue sunglasses. Silver metal frame w/brown leather
side pieces and cable arms. Original dark grey glass lenses.
Jacinto from LA bought a classic 70's sports/ski style by Polaroid. Orange plastic frame w/grooved go-faster
black stripe. Mod. no: 8680. Mid-brown Polaroid lenses. (Nov, 2002)

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