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Milo from NYC has absolutely exceeded the brief: check out that backdrop - what better for what is probably the
most famous sunglasses of all time, Ray-Ban's Wayfarer. First made in 1953, this pair probably made about 10
years later, marked B&L Ray-Ban USA and fitted with B&L's G15 (pre-etched) glass lenses.
la amy and shuron
Zoe, also from New York City, bought some great 70's sunglasses by Correna of France and had them fitted with
her own lenses. Then she celebrated by taking them to fabulous Las Vegas for the weekend. Translucent shaded
amber plastic frame marked Correna.
nhs halfeye
Andreas from Stockhom, Sweden wanted some quality lenses and went no further than this cool 80's pair from
Zeiss. Translucent green plastic frame marked ZEISS WEST GERMANY and model nunmber 8110 1958. Original
CARL ZEISS Umbral 85 lenses etched w/CZ logo.
bandl large metal
Devin from California, like Milo above, wanted some classics and is keeping out that west coast sunshine in a
black pair of Wayfarers. This pair made around the early 80's. Black plastic frame marked B&L RAY-BAN USA
and fitted with the original B&L G15 glass lenses etched with the BL logo.
Matt told us that in Beverly Hills you need a pair to protect you from that LA haze so he went for this 70's pair
with our favourite lenses, Carl Zeiss. 1970's translucent shaded brown plastic frame by MARWITZ (GERMANY)
marked Bouira. Fittted with Zeiss 65's (65% abs) lenses etched with CZ logo.
1960's supra
Lauretta from Georgia needed something to shield her from all that southern sunshine when reclining on her
pride and joy: her '62 Mercury Comet. She found this late 40's/early 50's pair by English company, Twinco.
Translucent shaded gold plastic frame and dark brown glass lenses.
B&L Ray-Ban Aviator
David from London needed some new frames and wanted something large....what better than these Oliver
Goldsmith Zooks? They date from around 1970 and we know this because they were the frame of choice that
year for none other, Michael Caine. Tortoiseshell plastic frame marked Oliver Goldsmith France.
american optical saratoga
Fay from Wales was given these fabulous 1950's shell-pink Tura sunglasses by her beau, Colin, who when he
saw her in them while on holiday in Rome, immediately proposed! (Here's Fay the next day in the grounds of
the Constantine Museum - she accepted and they marry in May.) Pink aluminium frame by Tura, USA. Fitted
with original grey glass lenses.
rodenstock senator
Judith from Dallas is on her third pair of black Ted Lapidus sunglasses....despite taking very good care of each
one, the years took their toll. Judith was distraught when she found out TL was not making them any more....but
was thrilled to find us! Here she is showing them off to the Prez. Black plastic/gold metal marked TED LAPIDUS
. Fitted with original graduated acrylic lenses.
A regular customer, Aaron from California decided to send us what looks like a self-portrait in his fab 70's AO
Wind Jetty
sunglasses. We found them never worn, marked AMERICAN OPTICAL WIND JETTY CN 155 T
TORTSHT. Fitted with AO's True Color grey glass lenses.
Does this Cool Customer look familiar? He should - it's Oliver from London back for another purchase. This time
he's opted for one of the best men's pairs we've had: the 1960's Sunliter from US Polaroid. Smooth aluminium
frame shaded gold, rimless Polaroid lenses. (Sept, 2004)
Paul from London asked if we had any Elvis types in stock so we showed him a selection. He went for this
classic shape with the Grand Prix slotted arms. Frame marked FRANCE. Neutral Polaroid lenses.
Michael from Chicago had been searching for some early 60's dark shades similar to what Dylan used to wear.
He looked on our frames page and chose this black woodgrain frame which we fitted for him with his choice of
dark sunglasses lenses. Frame by Eyewear Originals (ITALY).
Is that Audrey Hepburn c1970? No, it's J'aime from Westport, Connecticut who was looking for some white
vintage sunglasses and snapped up this gorgeous early 70's Pucci-inspired square frame. White plastic frame
with shaped sides and arms, original graduated brown glass lenses. (May, 2004)
cazal 607/2
Thomas from Grand Blanc, Michigan loved his first pair of B&L Ray-Ban PS2 so much that he bought a
second. Wise move we think as these Bausch & Lomb lenses are getting rarer all the time. Matte and polished
black plastic frame marked BAUSCH & LOMB PS2, original Bausch & Lomb G15 glass lenses, etched BL.
framex uk
Oliver from London went for some hard vintage B&L Ray-Ban Caravan which we dated as 1970's as they were
made prior to B&L etching their lenses. Gold metal frame stamped B&L RAY-BAN USA, original Bausch & Lomb
G15 glass lenses.
la amy and shuron
Jim from Dillon, Colorado is testing the full capabilites of B&L's Ambermatic lenses under the bright, mountain-
country sun. The lenses are in a 1970's Ray-Ban Timberline which he was searching for and luckily, we were
able to oblige. (March, 2004)
nhs halfeye

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