Check out our cool web customers!
By sending us their photo in their sunglasses
they qualified for a 10% discount on their next pair.

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Johanna, from London bought this brilliant 1960's French frame, studded with diamantés from our Sunday
stall at Old Spitalfields Market. We had her prescription lenses fitted within the week and she kindly sent us
these photos. Hey Johanna, you can now get 10% off the price of your next frame!
american optical saratoga
Lindsay, from Michigan, USA is back again - she can't get enough of American Optical sunglasses, this time
the stunning C34 in Black Stitch from 1958. And what's more, she got 10% off for sending her earlier photo!
rodenstock senator
Although Cassandra is from Milan, Italy she still managed to find time to see us at Spitalfields Market a few
Sundays ago where she found what she was looking for: a great 1950's two-tone frame by Tart Optical (USA).
We had them fitted with her prescription (Rx) lenses and a week later we sent them on to her where they'll fit
right in in Italy's capital of fashion.
Christian, from Charleroi, Belgium was looking for the perfect pair to compliment his vintage Schott aviator
jacket - and what better than this WWII pair of military issue aviators by BAO (British American Optical). Says
Christian: "I like my BAO Sunglasses. They are very wonderful." And they look wonderful on you, Christian -
chocks away!
Lindsay, from Michigan, USA went for these classic 1960s cat-eyes by American Optical - this is AO's C92
with their cool green Calobar lenses, which on a brighter day would offer Lindsay full protection from Michigan's
uv rays.
What a wonderful photo Patrick, from Béziers, France sent us - I don't know what is more eyecatching, Patrick
in his 1980's B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers in tortoise or the Canal du Midi at Neuf Écluses. Said Patrick: "The
wayfarer are beautiful. Really many thanks for your fast service. Keep up like that, thanks again and take care."

Thank you, Patrick, for the beautiful photo - you certainly need good sunglasses in that weather!
Like Kevin below, Fred, from London sent us his photo in his sunglasses he bought from us - in his case a pair
of 1980's B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer II's in tortoise - and used his 10% discount against this great frame: 1960's
combination by IOM, which we fitted with Fred's choice of Rx lenses.
Kevin Dresser, one half of design duo Dresser Johnson, was so taken with his 1960's sunglasses by Bachmann,
he wore them to promote their latest product. Says Kevin: "Love these....everyone in New York City comments on
Thanks for letting us know, Kevin! 1960's clear plastic frame marked Bachmann Italy. UPDATE: with his
10% discount for sending us his photo, Kevin bought this great frame - 1970's by Hempel, Germany - which we
fitted with photochromic grey lenses. Now all Kevin needs to do is get in the sunshine and watch them darken!
Joshua, from Surrey, UK was really pleased when he received his 80's Wayfarers: "They're pucka - love your web
You're talkin' our language, JJ! 1980's B&L Ray-Ban USA Wayfarers in tortoise.
Fabrizio, from Taranto, Italy, is a new customer who bought these fantastic 1950's AMERICAN OPTICAL Calobar
sunglasses with the soothing green glass lenses. He says, "...thanks, glance at them, to it are wonderfull." Ciao,
Walker, from Seattle, USA loves Wayfarers - here he is in his second pair from us. He recently moved on to classic
1950's sunglasses and said, "This is my third order from you - these frames look beautiful. Please send asap - your
service is wonderful. thank you for being there."
Thank you, Walker!
This is Jackie, from Tunbridge Wells, UK, who was thrilled with this BIRCH nylon supra frame as she and her
husband Nicholas are friends with the designer, MICHAEL BIRCH. They asked us to fit the frame with sunglasses
Tony, from Oxford, England was lucky to obtain this pair of WWII aviators by American Optical. He saw an
article about us in the Daily Mail and ordered immediately and it was a good thing he did as 15 orders for the same
pair promptly followed. Says Tony, "I have been after an original pair of aviators for a long time and have made do
with Ray Bans... now I have both, smashing. Look forward to buying from you again in the future. Kind Regards,
(Aug. 2007)
Say konnichi wa to Ryo, from Osaka, Japan, - our first Japanese Happy Web Customer - who is looking
glamorous in not so glamorous surroundings - his stairwell! 1980's by COURRÈGES MADE IN FRANCE.
Look who's back! It's Alexander, from Copenhagen who can't resist the Carrera brand - this time opting for the
collectible Boeing range. Model 5700 Made in Austria.
la amy and shuron
Jim, from Massachusetts has been looking for a particular style from the 1940's-50's and swooped on this pair
from our New for May section. It is by Willson (still going today, in the USA) and is fitted with a reinforced safety
glass, fully UV protective - so great for all situations.
nhs halfeye
Mike, from Manchester, UK, went for this great American Optical frame from the early 60's they called
Manhattan. (We have another pair on the site in a different colurway - check out men's frames.) We think Mike
looks pretty cool - perhaps not as tortured as Bill Evans - but definitely in his company. Keep up the piano
lessons, Mike!.
bandl large metal
A taste for the unusual, Penelope, from California was quick to snap up these rare 1930's safety sunglasses
from Bausch & Lomb. Silver metal frame with plastic side shields. Stamped Baush & Lomb.
Alexander, from Copenhagen picked up this fabulous early 1980's pair by Carrera at our Sunday stall at
Old Spitalfields Market in London and went back to Denmark to have his photo taken in them in his home
town. Lookin' good, Alex!.
1960's supra
Todd, from Stoke Mandeville, UK sought us out at Spitalfields especially for an old 1950's/60's combination
frame. He picked out this pair, a white gold-fill by Styl-Rite Optical (USA) into which he asked us to fit his
prescription lenses. We duly obliged and Todd emailed his photo.
B&L Ray-Ban Aviator

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