On the following pages we list some of the feedback we have had from customers
who felt compelled to write after they had received their sunglasses or frames.
Aren't they sweet? (The photos are of the pairs they bought.)

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Thanks, I have received the sunglasses and they are fab........pure Bausch & Lomb class. They made
them so much better years ago in comparison to the Italian made ones of today. Cheers and all the best.
(Kingstanding, UK, June, 2007)

1980's Ray-Ban Wayfarer by BAUSCH & LOMB, original B&L G15 glass lenses.
vintage ray-ban : 1980's Ray-Ban <i>Wayfarer</i> by BAUSCH & LOMB
This morning I took possession of some classic eyewear. I had several pairs of these spectacles, in the
70s and 80s. Unfortunately, Rayban mucked with the design, so I am over the moon that you had these
'classics' for me. Great! Keep up the good work, Mike.
(London, May, 2007)

1980's Ray-Ban Wayfarer by BAUSCH & LOMB, original B&L G15 glass lenses.
vintage ray-ban : 1980's Ray-Ban <i>Wayfarer II</i> by BAUSCH & LOMB
Thank you so much for my glasses. I am a very satisfied customer! This shipping was extremely fast, the
e-mail returns were extremely fast, and the glasses are in great condition! Thank you so much for all of
your help. Sincerely, Aliza
(New York, April, 2007)

1980's by TED LAPIDUS (FRANCE). Original gradient acrylic lenses
vintage sunglasses : 1980's by TED LAPIDUS (FRANCE)
I just want to say they are awesome. When I can I would like to order more items from you. Thank you so
much for such prompt delivery. Bonny
(California, February, 2007)

1960's Ray-Ban Alita by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L glass lenses.
Just a quick hi,and many thanks again for your help. My new glasses are more squinting in the
sun..yippee! Yours, Simone.
(Hertfordshire, UK, February, 2007)

1960's by FLAIR (SWITZERLAND). Fitted with photochromic (grey) lenses in client's prescription.
Just a short note to thank you for all your help - the glasses were a huge hit and i'm thrilled, many thanks,
(Leeds, UK, January, 2007)

1960's Titan by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA). White gold fill frame
The Aviators have arrived and are in seriously good condition as you said. Thanks so much. I know my son
will be knocked out by them. Have a good Christmas. I'll be ordering mine in the New Year. Thanks once
again for all the trouble you go to. Take care, Yours, Arnie.
(Southampton, UK, December, 2006)

1980's/90's Ray-Ban Aviator by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L 58mm glass lenses.
Thanks for sending sunglasses so fast. Of course I'm not surprised. You are truly a Class A outfit. Since I
lost out on the last pair of White Gold glasses I'm really pleased to get these rare sunglasses; they look and
fit great. And thank you for the extra attention in finding them. Sid
(New York, USA, November 2006)

1950's/60's US Military issue aviators by AMERICAN OPTICAL. White gold fill frame. Original AO glass lenses.
The quality is great and they look exactly the way they do in the online pictures! they fit my face perfectly =)
i am so happy! i am so excited to show them off to people...they will be very jealous! they are so unique
and special and i hope one day i will get to visit london and your store. Erin
(Virginia, USA, November, 2006)

1970's/80's Ray-Ban Style 31 by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L gradient glass lenses.
Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I had those glasses for about 10 years and was really mad at
myself for taking such good care of them for all those years and then to lose them... These are the
identical pair and I could not be happier. Thanks again, Cindy.
(New Jersey, USA, October 2006)

Never worn 1980's by LAURA BIAGIOTTI (ITALY) Original gradient acrylic lenses.
Frame received today, am very pleased with them, thanks for excellent service, will recommend! Best
regards, Glyn
(Cheshire, UK, August, 2006)

1970's by COTTET. Gold fill frame marked w/maker's name & FRAME FRANCE
I received AO glasses today. They look great. Thanks again. Sid. PS: They fit perfectly!
(New York, August 2006)

1960's gold fill frame by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Original AO glass lenses.
thanks guys glasses turned up in excellent condition will use you again and more importantly tell others!!!
regards gerry
(Hereford, UK, July 2006)

1990's Ray-Ban Style 4 by Bausch & Lomb. Original B&L Chromax lenses.
....received this morning! They are superb! Thanks for all your help & great service! Joanne (Stafford, UK,
July 2006)

1950's Sirmont by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Gold fill frame.
Many thanks for your fast delivery. The frames comes today and i`m lucky about the fine condition. I'm
very glad about... best regards, Albrecht
(Celle, Germany, July 2006)

1950's/60's half-eye by ALGHA (ENGLAND). Gold fill frame.
I've well received the Wayfarer, they are simply terrific and exactly what I was looking for. I shall be glad
of sending you a picture of mine sporting the shades. Great deal, many thanks indeed. Ciao. Matteo

(Milan, Italy, July 2006)

1980's B&L Ray-Ban USA Wayfarer

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