On the following pages we list some of the feedback we have had from customers
who felt compelled to write after they had received their sunglasses or frames.
Aren't they sweet? (The photos are of the pairs they bought.)

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My glasses came today, they are perfect. I will send a photo soon. Dustin. (New York, USA, July 2006)

1990's by BRIKO (ITALY). Original ThramaMATIC Plus/50 lenses
Hello - I just wanted to tell you that my sunglasses arrived yesterday - and I love them! Thank you for
excellent service. Best regards. Monika
(Bergen, Norway, June 2006)

1940's/50's women's sunglasses, metal frame, glass lenses.
Thanks for wading through all the CRAP to get these Ray Bans to me!! They are in excellent condition for
"used" glasses....I have two pairs with only right temple arm broke "bad dog...very bad dog!!" Take care and
thanks again, Paul
(Minnesota, USA, May 2006)

1980's Ray-Ban Cats 7000 Glacier Glass by BAUSCH & LOMB, original B&L mirrored glass lenses
Hi - I want to let you know that I just received my sunglasses today at breakfeast time. I'm very happy to
have them since it's exactly what I was looking for! Also I would like to congratulate you for your outstanding
services. Kind regards, Solange.
(France, May 2006)

1960's Hippy by Barbudo (Spain), gold fill frame, fitted with customer's choice of sunglasses lenses.
Good morning, I am over the moon with the glasses. Thank you. I will ofcourse send a photo in the near
future. I look forward to receiving the preview info of your next release of glasses. Gary.
England, May 2006)

1990's Ray-Ban Classic Metal by BAUSCH & LOMB, original B&L glass lenses
...just thought I would let you know I picked up my sunglasses from the sorting office today and I am
over the moon with them. I am going to try and get a photo of me with the crooked spire in the back-
ground for your Happy Customers page! Cheers, Wendy
(Chesterfield, England, April 2006)

1980's Ray-Ban Wayfarer by BAUSCH & LOMB, original B&L G15 glass lenses
Thanks! The glasses arrived today and they're awesome. Checky. (Leeds, England, April 2006)

Ray-Ban Vagabond/Olympics by BAUSCH & LOMB (1976). Original B&L glass lenses.
I received my glasses yesterday and they are FANTASTIC - just the ticket for replacing those which
broke....sizing is great, and the "silver" look is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much, keep up the
great work. Cheers, J'aime
(Connecticut, USA, April 2006)

1960's POLAROID 8217. New replacement Polaroid lenses
Thanks a lot for the shades they look really cool!! Good to have a pair again after loosing the pair I had
for over 10 years! Looking forward to the sun coming out and looking at the chicks ! cheers, Ben.

(London, England, April 2006)

1960's Ray-Ban Balorama by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L glass lenses.
I've just received the sunglasses, they're great, thank you very much. I'll send you a photo as soon as I
can. Happy Easter! Sabine
(France, April 2006)

1950's by FOSTER GRANT. Original glass lenses.
I'm wearing as we speak. I received them last Thursday. Thanks so much. They're just what the Doctor
ordered. Nice doing business with you. Dr R Tucker
(Hawaii, April 2006)

1990's Ray-Ban Classic Metal by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L glass lenses
Hi! Received the sunglasses today - they fit me perfectly! All I need now is some sunshine :-) Thanks,
(Fife, Scotland, April 2006)

1940's women's sunglasses, unmarked. Original glass lenses.
sorry, I have received now my sunglasses, they are perfect and very beautiful! thanks a lot. bye, andres
(Treviso, Italy, March 2006)

1980's Ray-Ban Leather Aviator by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L photochromic glass lenses.
Thanks for my Ray Bans which arrived yesterday - brilliant - I had a first pair of these about 15 years ago
when Marlboro did a 'collect the top of fag packets' promo (you had to have about a zillion), which I got
and then promptly lost in a pub in Edinburgh......Jaimie
(London, UK, March 2006)

1980's B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer II. Original glass lenses.
I received the sunglasses today, and it arrived in a great shape. It is a beautiful shade, I will cherish it good.
Thank you very much for prompt order processing! Sincerely, Akira
(Georgia, USA, January 2006)

1950's Saratoga by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Original glass lenses.

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