On the following pages we list some of the feedback we have had from customers
who felt compelled to write after they had received their sunglasses or frames.
Aren't they sweet? (The photos are of the pairs they bought.)

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The glasses did show up. I run an on-line company that sells band t-shirts and CDs, they were mixed in with
a pile of returns. So I missed them. Thanks so much for your help and continued attention. I will definitely
use your company again and refer friends. Pete
(San Diego, USA, January 2006)

1980's B&L Ray-Ban Aviator. Original B&L glass lenses.
You can call the dogs off. The glasses just got here & they are AWESOME.... in great shape! The man is
stylin' now. We'll get a foto to you soon. Thanks again. Wendy
(Minnesota, USA, January 2006)

1980's VUARNET for SKIS LACROIX. Original PX 8000 NAUTILUX lenses.
hi - the glasses arrived safely. Thx for the great deal! for sure i'll buy from you again! cheers, george
(Hong Kong, January 2006)

Never worn 1960's frame by BAUSCH & LOMB.
Hi, Just delivered, who would'a thought. The glasses were as advertised. Thank for a great product!!!
(Maine, USA, Christmas, 2005)

1950's/60's by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Original AO True Color glass lenses.
...the glasses arrived and they are perfect! I LOVE them...Thanks again for all of your assistance,
(New York, USA, January 2006)

1970's frame by CHRISTIAN DIOR [shown fitted with prescription (Rx) lenses]
Thank you for the quick delivery - I `ve been looking for the perfect sunglasses for years and I`m pretty
certain these are the ones. The quality is terrific. I shall keep an eye on your website for some more.
Thank you again. Regards, Philip
(Derby, UK, November, 2005)

1950's Saratoga by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Original True Color glass lenses.
Just to let you know the 3 pairs of RBs you sent to me in LA arrived safe and sound. Thank you for sending
them. Next time I am in London I shall look you up. Great job and a very interesting niche you have picked
to service! Regards, Kamal
(Los Angeles, USA, September 2005)

1980's Ray-Ban Wayfarer II by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L glass lenses.
just wanted to say thank you for my caribbeans !!! they are uber cool and i cant believe how stylish and
cool they are !!! from now on every time i buy my raybans i will always use you !!! tj
(Dublin, Ireland,
September, 2005)

1960's Ray-Ban Caribbean by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L glass lenses.
I collected my new frames today from my local post office and wanted to let you know that they arrived
safely. They are perfect! Almost exactly like the ones I lost. When (inevitably) I lose these, I hope that
you will have some reserves. Many Thanks, Linda
(San Francisco, USA, September, 2005)

Never worn 1970's Boston by ANGLO AMERICAN EYEWEAR
The sunglasses arrived yesterday, safe and sound. I'm very pleased as they're just what I wanted, a
replacement of the pair I lost years ago. They indeed do look great! Thank you again for available and for
the installation of the Zeiss Umbral lenses. My best regards, Barry
(New Jersey, USA, June, 2005)

1980's/90's Ray-Ban Classic Metal by BAUSCH & LOMB. Original B&L glass lenses - replaced with Zeiss Umbrals at request of klient.
Many thanks for the sunglasses which I received today. They are splendid! Best wishes, Gussy
(Edinburgh, Scotland, June, 2005)

1970's by CORRENA. Original glass lenses.
Shades have arrived.................................................solid cool. I'll send a pic looking my best. Kind
regards, Mike
(Chattanooga, USA, May, 2005)

1970's Sahara by AMERICAN OPTICAL. Original AO True Colorglass lenses.

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